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August 2022 circus theme

August has some really great holidays like Roller Coaster Day, World Elephant Day, World Lion Day and International Clown Week, just to name a few.  While reading through them all, my imagination started to picture a wonderful circus and that became the theme of the art for this month’s box

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There are certain parts of the circus that have always been very captivating and alluring to me, the performers!  Who couldn’t get enthralled and dazzled by the acrobats, jugglers, trapeze acts, clowns, musicians, dancers, hoopers, contortionists and tightrope walkers.  The circus has always been a place for artists who are stunt oriented or those that have a set of skills or attributes that don’t always conform with the mainstream.  Circus performers are so fascinating and can mesmerise and bring enjoyment to all ages.  

The performers are my favorite thing about the circus and my favorite circus is Circus 1903.  I highly recommend attending Circus 1903 if you ever have the opportunity.  They promise a magnificent experience and they deliver.   The show is an impression of a professional period that is produced using lighting, costumes, sounds, and all sorts of talent.  The highlight of Circus 1903 for many is the incredible puppet elephants.  It’s a show that all should see. 

It was so much fun creating the box this month and I hope it brings as much enjoyment to you as it did to me while creating it. 


What’s Inside? Click on the photos to read more..

mypaperbox+august+circus-notepads2 copy


Personalized Notepads

The Notepads were created with two things in mind…the first is to remind you that you are the amazing, strong, marvelous, and great, remarkable, one-of-a-kind Ringmaster of your life and YOU got this!  You’re doing amazingly!  

Secondly, enjoy the notepads for creating shopping lists, tracking goals, journaling, making daily lists, taking conversational notes or any other way you like but remember, no matter what life throws your way, life can be a circus at times, be sure to enjoy the ride!

mypaperbox+august+circus-a1cards copy

A1 Circus Cards + Gold Envelopes

Elephant Card – It’s important to let others know when we are thinking of them whether it be a special time for celebrating or a special time in need. This card can be shared to express that we are thinking of someone who may not live near or who may be going through a hard time.

The Tricycle card – can be shared to remind someone to slow down and enjoy the ride in this crazy world that can seem like a circus at times.  

mypaperbox+august+circus-stickers3 copy

Circus Stickers

Get creative with  the circus sticker sheets!  They can be used in so many places like envelope closures, file folders, phone cases, laptops, planners, in letters or on packages and the list could go on and on. 

mypaperbox+august+circusgift-tags copy

Gift Tags

It brought so much joy to design and create a special featured item this month…Gift tags!  I imagine these beautiful gift tags being used on many special gifts for friends, family, and loved ones.  They are great added decorations for any package and can also be used to send short heartfelt messages in lieu of sometimes bulky cards.  

mypaperbox+august+circus-magazine copy

Desk Calendar

Celebrate each day this month with the included Desk Calendar. One side displays a Month at a Glance, and the other includes July’s Fun Holidays. Display on your desk to match this month’s stationery.

MPB Exclusive Magazine

Take a moment to go through your magazine to learn about the fun holidays each day this month. Read on for ideas and more fun ways to celebrate! Make everyday fun!

mypaperbox+august+circus-hp copy

Happy Birthday Cards + Envelope

Birthday Card– This larger greeting card was created to celebrate the birthday of a strong and amazing person in your life. The coordinating envelope should help it stand out from other cards.

mypaperbox+august+circus-postcards copy

Personalized Notecards

The personalized notecards can be used for any and everything. You can use them as decoration, bookmarks, postcards, or journaling.

mypaperbox+august+circus2 copy

Flashing Button

We know you will enjoy wearing this flashing button!  Whether it’s you or a loved one that wears the button, turn on the flashers and there is no doubt who the main attraction will be.  

Did you get this box? What did you think about it?

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