July Shark Greeting Cards

This month’s greeting cards are inspired by these 2 fun holidays and the newest Eugenie Clark USPS Forever Stamps. read below about this special stamp

July 14 – Shark Awareness Day
July 18 – Women’s Dive Day

Some fun and special days this month: 

July 11 – Cheer up the Lonely Day
July 15 – National Give Something Away Day
July 24 – Cousins & Parent’s Day
July 29 – System Administrator Appreciation Day 
July 30 – Father-in-Law Day & Day of Friendship

The included cards can be used for the above special days but are also designed to be universal for multiple holidays and occasions. 


Eugenie Clark was a pioneering marine biologist (1922–2015). Affectionately known as the “Shark Lady,” Clark conducted many important studies that provided fascinating insights into shark biology and worked tirelessly to change public perception about sharks.

Women’s Dive Day was created to encourage women to get into the hobby of scuba diving. The goal is to celebrate the connection to each other and the ocean, both online and in person. This is a day to share the passion and adventure of the underwater world through scuba diving. 

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) created this day in 2015. In the first five years since its creation, there have been over 4,0000 events held on this holiday. In addition to exploring and taking in the beauty of the underwater sea, many projects have been undertaken on this day. They include planting coral, beach and underwater clean-up projects, educational programs and seminars, fundraisers for breast cancer, and much more.

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