July Work-A-Holic Grand Box

Read more about the items inside the July Grand box and why we created them.

A Note From Sam

Welcome to July!

As a self-claimed  workaholic, My Paper Box (MPB) would like to  remind you to get out and have some fun in the sun with family and friends this month.  

As you open your box for the month of July, you will quickly realize that MPB found inspiration from a national holiday that is most of the time overshadowed by Independence Day, July 5th, National Workaholics Day.  

Workaholics Day is for those of us that just love extra work and the long hours and need to be reminded of the importance in finding a good balance between our home and work life. The stationery items this month are inspired by the love of working, but have that touch of whimsical and cleverness with a vintage spin that MPB is known for.

I hope you enjoy this month’s stationery items with soft spring colors around your home and office and that with every use, you are reminded to care for yourself outside of working hard as well!

As always, thank you for supporting a woman-owned small business!

With thanks and appreciation,



P.S. Don’t forget to give a big thanks to your postal workers on July 1st (National Postal Workers Appreciation Day)


Notepads are such an important product for our home life and our work life.  When using notepads to brainstorm or create lists, it takes time away from technology and that is never a bad thing.  In addition, keeping a notepad next to the bed for those last minute thoughts or things remembered just before bedtime will help in avoiding blue light that comes with using your phone or lap top and this promotes better sleep quality.       

Inspiration for the design of the notepads came from a holiday celebrated on July 13th every year, Barbershop Music Appreciation Day.   The style of the notepads are indicative of a time when people gathered in the community barbershop to await a fresh cut all the while having friendly debates, talking about weekly tasks and goals and maybe even a bit of community gossiping.  Barbers intertwined their work with socializing which created a healthy work-life balance and offered an atmosphere for others to find time to take a break from work and unwind with friends with the sweet sounds of the forgotten barbershop quartets in the background.    

Maybe play some old barbershop music and relax while you jot down lists, tasks, goals, or reminders on any one of the fun but still office appropriate notepads contained in this months box.  

The “Take-a-Number” notepad is most convenient for any kind of list that may need prioritizing with the lines numbered 1 thru 10 and what better way to think clearly when making a list than to get lost in doodling.  The corner of the notepad clearly promotes taking your mind off work and lists and just doodle for a bit.  

Organization is an important factor when one is a Workaholic so the “I am not a Work-A-Holic”  notepad will be helpful for the organized workaholic finding that work-life balance.  There is an area for personal related lists, an area for work-related lists, and a convenient spot for the date, all on one notepad.   

The “Shh I am Taking a Break” notepad is designed to fit parallel to your keyboard, but don’t let this stop you from finding other suitable and workable places for such a notepad


Be sure to display your desk-top tent for all your co-workers or family members to view.  At a glance from afar, the information they get is that you are working hard and busy or possibly needing a bit of quite time.  

It’s all about the work-life balance.  When they are a bit closer and read the desk-top tent, well, looking busy can be hard work.  Either message displayed, it’s important to mix in some fun

Is there such a thing as too many stickers?  MPB doesn’t think so.  

Use the included vintage style stickers to plan your day, decorate your journal, or leaving a note on a co-workers desk or as a way to give friendly reminders to family members and loved ones. 

There are so many ways to use stickers.

Greeting Cards + Notecards

When I create my greeting cards, I create each card with the thought process of each individual card being used for many occasions, not just one.  I love creative thinking and when looking at the cards MPB designs, get your creative juices flowing and visualize all the ways a single card can be used.  

This months cards are shimmery pink with coordinating envelopes and can be used professionally or personally.  We all know coworkers, friends, family members or even our own children who have worked really hard to make strides or reach big goals and it’s important to acknowledge the hard work of the pursuit while also reminding them to stop and celebrate the hard earned accomplishments.  A greeting card is a great way to do this.  

Many times while working hard towards goals or deadlines we can easily forget to make time for our loved ones and sometimes something as simple as a greeting card expressing a simple “Hi” can remind our loved ones that although we may be busy and hard at work, we can take a quick moment to make time to stop and say hello and remind them we think of them often.  Or how about not waiting for a birthday or a holiday to express that you are thinking of someone, how about you just send a quick little card expressing “Hi” to let them know you are thinking of them.  

Get creative and find your own special occasion to send greeting cards

A fun addition to the box this month are cards that were created in the likes of a business card.  Handwriting is becoming a relic of the past but these cards were created to keep handwriting current and modern.  Carry the cards with you to be able to leave quick notes for someone or as your own original and creative way to network.  A card with your handwritten contact information will make sure your card is not forgotten and adds a personal touch.     

Enjoy the coordinating themed notecards and get creative with the ways in which to use them.  The ideas are never ending, gift tags, lunch notes for the kiddos, little messages attached to steering wheels or mirrors to remind special loved ones how important they are or use them around the office for jotting down insights or questions during meetings, leaving reminders for coworkers or one of my favorites, jotting down keyboard shortcuts and attaching them to my screen for reference.  They can really liven up a dull office.     


What did you think about this box? Leave a comment below!

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