January 2022 Subscription

What’s Inside?

Mini Subscription includes 3 Notepads, the Desk Calendar and the Monthly Magazine. 


We specially sized this months notepads to make them easy to access and transport! Keep them handy to help your New Year start off great. 

These notepads were made with extra love. We printed these on Confetti Paper! Each sheet features multi-color flecks for a fun take on ordinary white, and each page is different from the last 

The Larger Pad has this months theme with the phrase “throw around kindness like confetti.” Each time you use this it will remind you to be kind at every chance you get. 

The Medium Pad is lined with a spot to make a checklist or to do pad. The start of the New Year leaves opportunity to make each day the best you can. Where it says “Today Is” check off how the day is or will be, you can also add your own feelings on the blank line or add the date. 

The Smaller Pad says “Yay!” Another reminder to celebrate every day!

Grand Subscription includes the contents from the Mini Subscription and following items: 


This month we are all about planning, organizing and calendars. But don’t forget about the cards

With the craziness of the holidays behind us, you deserve a break. We signed the included greeting cards and notecards for you! 

The two greeting cards included can be used for so many occasions! Birthdays, retirement, house-warming, graduations, small achievements or maybe a friend just needs some cheering up. 

The notecards can be used for anything and everything! Decoration, Postcard, Bookmark, Gift Card get creative! 


You’ve been waiting all year for this one! The My Paper Box 2022 Stand up Desk Calendar. So many options to choose from, view a month at a glance, week at a glance, or a decorative quote. Looking to write on it? Just flatten it and pop it back up! 

Confetti– You cannot have a confetti box without the confetti! Toss some in one of the included cards for an extra surprise. 

Pencil Case – You can never have too many pencil bags, especially when you have so many pens/pencils laying around. Start off the new year strong, organize your writing utensils- for that next “where is a pen?!” moment. 

Note from Sam!

Welcome to our little stationery world! This month we featured tons of behind-the-scenes photos and info that show what goes into making each box! Just wait until you see our little business cats play dress-up! 

I have been waiting SO long to make these fun notepads. They are printed on Confetti Paper! I did have to special order this paper, but it was worth it! 

The confetti included is larger so that you won’t make a huge mess when using it. 

Thank you for reading! 


As always, thank you for supporting a woman-owned small business! 

Welcome from Jennifer!

Howdy everyone, Jen here! First things first, sending each and every one of you virtual hugs and a Happy New Year! 

Now…SPILL! How’s everyone feeling entering 2022

I absolutely love this time of the year! Something about that fresh start feel. 

Okay, okay, fine. I may be a little bias because January is also my birth month. 

HELLO Capricorn Season! 

I think the most exciting part during this time is taking a moment to sit down and choose your new goal and growth challenges. 

Anyone get started yet? 

I know I’ll be taking full advantage of my 

New Year Goal Worksheet this week. 

Famous Last Words- 


It’s unofficially official, January rules. 

Bye guys! Thanks for hanging out. 

I’ll talk to you all again soon! 

OH, and I’ll be waiting for those Pet Day Photos!

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