October 2020 Grand

Welcome To October & Happy Halloween!
We hope this box brings as much joy to you as it did to us. October is our favorite box of the year, not only because of Halloween’s fun; it also is Our Anniversary Month. Thank you for supporting us and enjoy!

Tarot Card Stickers
Create your own future with these Tarot Themed stickers. Get creative and stick them on your Laptop or journal.

Tarot Card Postcards/ Notecards
These Magical postcards can be used for business or special occasions. Plan on making goody bags for Halloween? These would be the perfect addition to add a special touch.

Small Ouija Board Notepad
A fun take on the vintage board game, this is the perfect notepad to use this month. The size makes it the perfect size to fit in your pocket or bag.

Fun Fact: How Ouija boards work
Ouija boards rely on the power of your own body. The mysterious mechanism that powers the Ouija board is called the ideomotor effect (pronounced “idio-mo-tor” or “id-ee-aah-meh-ter”), and it’s a way for your body to talk to itself.
The ideomotor effect is an example of the unconscious, involuntary physical movement — that is, we move when we’re not trying to move. The appeal of the ideomotor effect is that you actually may be communicating with something you can’t typically access — your own subconscious — and that the experience can feel like communicating with something paranormal or unknown.

Pumpkin Notepad
What’s Halloween without pumpkins! Halloween may look different this year, but we have included some ways to enjoy a “Virtual Halloween Celebration”

Holographic Halloween Stickers
Spooky but sparkly, these fun Halloween sticker sheet features ghosts, mummies, black cats, witch hats, and more! Each sticker features silver holographic accents. You can use the stickers for scrapbooking, journaling, or Halloween crafts.

Vintage Halloween cloth bags
These vintage bags are the perfect addition for Halloween; whether you fill ’em with snacks, stickers, or change, these bags are a keepsake themselves.

Halloween Enamel Pin
Wear your Halloween spirit on your sleeve… or backpack or wherever, with these super cute Halloween Enamel Pins!

Spooky Monthly Desk Calendar
Stay on top of the month’s fun holidays with our October Desk Calendar. Use it as a desk decoration to get in the Halloween spirit.

Two greeting Cards
We left the cards blank so you can choose when / what occasion you would like to use them for. Saturday, October 3rd is “make a card day”; give these cards your own personal touch ( maybe with the included stickers ). You could also use these as Halloween decorations.

Fortune Ball Notepad 
Create your own future each day with this notepad. the future is in your hands; Whether you use to this to make notes, jot down phone messages, or to make a shopping list


🎃 Check out October’s Halloween theme of personalized goodies from @mypaperbox!!! It’s so great to get these gifted boxes every month because I never run out of essentials like pencils, themed #stationary, tape dispensers, , gift cards#notepads, stickers, graphics, buttons, calenders and more. I especially love the holiday themed boxes and they are all so creative

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