1. Place the magnet in the kitchen to help you remember to make better eating choices.
  2. Use the stickers to decorate your workspace to keep you on task.
  3. Use the cute pineapple stand to hold your calendar and brighten up your work area.-Or- Write your main goal for 2020 on the included card to remind yourself.
  4. Read the journal each day for a new message and keep it nearby to help you stay organized. ( the glasses double as a bookmark )
  5. The cards are the perfect addition to any gift or occasion you may have coming up. Don’t forget to add your twist to each message inside.
  6. We left the postcards blank on one side so that you can use these however you please. Here are some ideas on how to use them:
    Use them as decorations, postcards, a note to a friend, to include in a gift basket, make someone’s day (let someone know your thinking of them), a birthday card, cute bookmarks (with room for note-taking).
  7. Use the compliment cards to inspire others around you and let them know you are grateful for them. Don’t forget to write a special message on the back of each one. You could also make someone’s day brighter by using these as tags on a small gift.

Tips on how to organize your stationery and desk area:

  1. Compartmentalize your drawers to keep things tidier. It’s also a good idea to label the compartments if you share the desk with your family.
  2. Instead of cluttering up your desk with knick-knacks and office supplies, use the space above it!  Floating shelves are the perfect solution.
  3. Slide an ice cube tray into your desk drawer to hold paperclips, binder clips, thumbtacks, and other small items. 
  4. This pegboard desk organizer can hold your phone, pens and a notebook and is totally customizable. Love it. Take a look at some other pegboard ideas!
  5. Make some clip-on organizers to attach your writing tools, etc. to the side of your desk.
  6. If your desk is super tiny, a desk-side cart beside it can be your saving grace.

Some great desk ideas:










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